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Frequently Asked Questions

bulletWhat exactly is E-Liquid?

Well basically without going in to the exact science, E-Liquid, also called E-Juice is the liquid used inside an electronic cigarette to deliver a combination of vapour and flavour. It's mainly PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine)  with nicotine and your desired flavour. The nicotine is derived from tobacco plants and is delivered at various strengths. The strength of the nicotine can determine how much throat hit you get. For most people 12mg to 18mg of nicotine is enough. However, many long time vapers tend to lower their strengths to as little as 3mg or even zero mg!

bulletWhy should I buy from Puffin E-Liquids and Accessories?

We source only the best ingredients and products to offer our customers. We work within the strictest conditions to ensure that you get the best products and service. All our products are tested and quality controlled before we offer them for sale. All our packaging is fully CHIP compliant and nicotine products TPD compliant. This includes child proof caps with raised tactile warning triangles or raised tactile warning stickers for the visually impaired (dependant on specific product/s).

Puffin E-Liquids and Accessories only deal in quality E-Liquid products, we know E-Liquid and we know what it takes to provide quality. Many other outlets offer many different accessories and e-liquid products that aren't necessarily the best quality.

You can see more reasons on our About Us page.

bulletAre my payments secure, reassure me?

Our payments are processed by Paypal (we may also be adding additional checkout options including Google Checkout support). When it comes to the checkout stage you can be assured that your payments are being processed across a secure, encrypted network. This ensures your maximum security with the highest level of encryption available. Basically, you don't need to worry about the integrity of your payment details. We value your custom and we value your peace of mind when it comes to parting with your hard earned money. Additionally our website runs on an encrypted server for extra security and peace of mind.

bulletWhat nicotine strength should I order?

This is generally personal preference. Most users of E-Liquid are ex-smokers, who in their analogue days, had their own preference in cigarette brand and strength. E-Liquid is principally the same and to give you an idea of how our nicotine strengths work you can use the following as a guide: 3mg (low) nicotine content can be compared to an ultra-low or mild strength cigarette, similar to a Silk Cut or Silk Cut Ultra Low. 6mg (medium) nicotine content is comparable to a light or medium strength cigarette, similar to a Marlboro Light or Camel Light. 18mg (high) nicotine content is comparable to a full strength or strong cigarette, similar to Marlboro Reds or B&H.

bulletWhat is the shelf life of E-Liquid?

The shelf life of E-Liquid is around 2 years from manufacture. Generally speaking E-Liquid could be used past the 2 year mark but you may find that both the flavour and nicotine content may have diminished. We recommend you use E-Liquid products within the 2 year period to ensure the maximum quality and your total satisfaction. We also recommend that your store your E-Liquid in a cool dry place away from strong or direct sunlight (our products are suitable for refrigeration which will aid in keeping your E-Liquid fresh for longer!).

bulletCan I return my E-Liquid if it is not suitable or can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of E-Liquid unfortunately we cannot offer refunds. This is for safety and hygiene, any E-Liquid that is returned for any reason will be immediately discarded. If you are unsure about a flavour or want to try something different we suggest you purchase a small 10ml bottle in way of a tester. In the event of you package not arriving on time, we ask all customers to wait the 3 working days that Royal Mail state within their delivery policy. Don't forget, once we post items we are no longer in control of them. In the unlikely event your package never arrives we can offer a replacement or a credit voucher ONLY.

bulletCan I collect my order in person?

At the moment we can only offer our products via home delivery. However, we are in the process of expanding our services and hope to have a collection service available very soon. Again, we suggest you follow both our Twitter and Facebook feed for news about our products and services.

bulletWhy are some E-Liquids flavours more expensive than others?

Like any product, some ingredients cost substantially more than others. To give you an example "Sandlewood" in perfume is hugely expensive. It is the same with E-Liquid products. We source only the BEST ingredients but some of this costs us substantially more in order to deliver the quality expected. We don't mean to put you off but some flavours demand a higher price, given our profit margin is low. You can be assured we are not over-charging but rather, charging the least we can. Don't also forget we offer FREE delivery on orders of £30 or more. We are confident you'll be happy with your products, it's quality you're buying after all... DON'T FORGET, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Our products are NOT cheap chinese imports.

bulletWholesale / Bulk Purchases

We already have a number of products that benefit from quantity discounts. Although, at present, we do not have an active (or specific) wholesale scheme. If there is a particular product or group of products that you would like to buy in bulk (beyond the quantity discount already offered) then please use our Contact Form for possible solutions.

We can be flexible with higher value orders but you will need to Contact Us first so that we are on a level playing field.

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