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About Us

Puffin E-Liquids & Accessories was originally formed by ex-smokers who had turned to electronic cigarettes as a healthier alternative. Shortly after making the switch we soon discovered that sourcing good quality E-Liquid was a bit of a hit and miss affair, given that there are so many E-Liquid and E-Cigarette suppliers out there.

Our mission and goal was clearly apparent, we wanted to offer a genuine, competitive and most importantly a better quality service and product than most others can offer.

When electronic cigarettes came along we thought they were the best thing since sliced bread (or real cigarettes as the case may be). Our enthusiasm for the modern day electronic cigarette gave us the drive and determination to supply premium quality E-Liquid products that our customers would love and trust in.

Why buy from Puffin E-Liquids & Accessories?

Good question! Here are some of the reasons...

tickOur E-Liquid products are of the highest quality and standard:
We source only the best ingredients, hardware and accessories. We bottle our E-Liquid products in the UK, under the strictest conditions which ensures you get exactly the same flavour, strength and quality in every bottle. Many suppliers just order their E-liquid from foreign suppliers, slap their logo on it and push it as their own, this can result in varying quality and flavour levels, we don't do this!


tickWe are an E-Liquid and accessory specialist:
Puffin E-Liquids & Accessories only produce and deal in quality E-Liquid products and accessories, we know E-Liquid and we know what it takes to produce quality. Many other outlets offer many different accessories and e-liquid products from anywhere and everywhere, whereas we focus solely on quality and value for money. We know what we are talking about.


tickOur prices are competitive:
One of the many reasons people turn to electronic cigarettes is because of the cost saving advantages. We understand and support this fact and by doing so offer what we see as fair prices across the board.  We also strive to keep our costs down without compromising quality which in-turn means we don't have regular price hikes, like some other E-Liquid/Hardware retailers.


tickFREE delivery to anywhere in the UK on orders over £30:
One thing we hate to see are on-line retailers offering industry standard prices only to charge a ridiculous delivery cost on top. We have decided to keep it simple in this respect by offering a flat rate to anywhere in the UK. Orders to the value of £30 or more will qualify for FREE delivery (UK Only).


tickSuperior quality and friendly service:
As previously mentioned, we maintain a consistent standard of quality with all our E-Liquid products and accessories and we are confident that you will always be pleased with the products you receive. We also offer an efficient and expedient delivery service to ensure you receive your orders when you need and expect them. All orders received by 12 noon (working days) generally will be given priority and be shipped out that day (dependent on workload, we are generally very busy during sales and promotions which can add a slight delay). We understand you rely on our products and we don't want to disappoint or leave you short! We can only operate as per the Royal Mail delivery statement of a 1 - 3 day delivery time (UK only).


tickGreat offers, incentives and new products:
We like to reward our customers, we value your business and wouldn't exist if it weren't for you. In order to do this we will regularly offer promotional codes via Twitter, Facebook and our Newsletter. See our section Special Offers for further details. We also like to keep our product range fresh and to do so we will regularly be introducing new, great products whenever we can.


tickGreat flavours and quality guaranteed:
We are continually sourcing and trying new flavours, as previously mentioned. This means we can provide flavour concentrates that may sound the same or similar to other vendors but taste dramatically different (for the better of course.). Our goal with our flavour range is simply to offer the best! We're very proud of what we do and hope our customers benefit from this on their end.

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